Melodie Doherty

Academic Advising

Academic Advisor

Melodie is keenly interested in contributing to a student’s academic development by encouraging an individual to make reflective choices and pro-active decisions during his/her whole time at university -- including the thick and thin of it.  She feels the more engaged a student becomes in researching study options and the career paths that open, the more ready a student is to seek timely academic advice and utilize learning resources and special supports available, the more confident, enthusiastic, and resilient that student will become. Melodie offers to facilitate as much of that development as the learner is open to.  She is as happy to assist students with troubleshooting and problem solving when things go awry or special challenges appear, as to discuss ideas for a paper, or new study directions. She has studied, worked as a volunteer, and lived in other parts of the world, and continues her own education in a broad range of  areas from  Learning Theory to Classical Tibetan to alternate systems of medicine to modern technology.

Melodie has a BSC in Math, a MA in Religions and Research Methodology and holds a professional certificate in Adult and Continued Education