David Mabior Atem

Academic Advising

Academic Advisor, Immigrant Students

David obtained his BA 4yr degree in International Studies 2007 and an Advanced Certificate in Public Policy and Administration (ACPPA) in 2011. He is originally from South Sudan and a former child soldier who arrived in Winnipeg in 2001.  UWinnipeg has been a stepping stone to achieve educational goals. David knows The University of Winnipeg to be a place for inclusive learning characterized by manageable and interactive small class size and excellent academic programs.

David helps students find a sense of belonging is his academic advising efforts. He is also a big believer in the power of community. Current and prospective students, adapting and adjusting to the UWinnipeg campus, require an active involvement internally and externally. David encourages students to be part of their surrounding environment, whether they are on campus or in the community. Get involved in any student and community activity that interests you. This will enhance your understanding and networking. In 2014 David was recognized for his work with newcomers to Canada, being awarded the UW Marsha Hanen Award for Excellence in Creating Community Awareness.

If you have any questions or concerns about academic programs, student services or academic advising please do not hesitate to contact David at 204.258.2910 or email:, or find him in room 1Ri30.