UWSA Bike Lab Now Open

(photo: Laurel Repski, Mark Burch, Ted Turner, Lloyd Axworthy, Alana Lajoie-O'malley,  Lauren Bosc)

WINNIPEG, MB - The highly anticipated UWSA Bike Lab is now open. This new Lab is a revolutionary cycling education and advocacy facility that will provide the space, tools and support to allow students, faculty, staff, and community members to keep their bicycles running smoothly all year long.

This bicycle repair facility and cyclist friendly courtyard is a meeting place brought to life with a partnership with the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) and The University of Winnipeg and designed by Peter Sampson Architectural Studio (PSA Studio).

Bike lab in action, November 1, 2011
Free Year-Round Programming
This innovative cycling hub is part of a commitment to promote active and sustainable transit options for students, staff and the surrounding community. The Bike Lab offers free year-round programming to students, staff, faculty and community members including bike maintenance, safety workshops, advocacy and networking workshops, a registry and individualized support plan for all bikes on and around campus.

“Our bike lab is an incredibly exciting addition to our campus,” explained Alana Lajoie-O'Malley, Director, Campus Sustainability Office. “The Lab is made of reclaimed shipping containers and materials from the old science labs that we recently decommissioned with the opening of our new Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex. The Bike Lab will encourage a healthier mode of transportation for students, faculty, staff, and community residents throughout the year.”

Build a Bike
The Lab has specific community outreach programming that will include “build a bike” programs where participants will assemble good-as-new bikes from recycled or discarded parts. The facility will also be home to the UWSA Ice Riders winter cycling team, already a very popular program on campus.

"The development of The UWSA Bike lab is an expression of the UWSA's commitment to sustainable and progressive programming initiatives,” said Lauren Bosc, UWSA President. “Students energized this initiative and we are thrilled to see the project being realized. The Lab designed to support, educate, encourage and develop programming and advocacy toward a vibrant and progressive cycling culture on our UWinnipeg campus and for our greater community."

The project was possible thanks to a generous private donation of $100,000  from an alumnus who would like to remain anonymous and a $50,000 capital donation from UWSA, and the resourceful partnered efforts of students and staff.

The University commissioned PSA Studio to develop this unique bike hub. The recycled shipping containers were donated by Ken and Diana Cranwill of Connexion Industries and funded by an annual student levy of $2.00.

In addition, UWinnipeg is now providing cyclists with a new option: indoor secure bicycle parking underground the Duckworth Centre, for $10 a month.

Spirit & Commitment of Students
“This student led initiative is a testament to the spirit and commitment of our students on campus and the importance of issues of sustainability that encompasses the entire University and broader community," said UWinnipeg President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Lloyd Axworthy. “The Bike Lab is of great benefit to our students, faculty and staff if they choose sustainable transportation to come to campus.”

In 2005, President Lloyd Axworthy committed to a comprehensive Sustainability Management System for UWinnipeg, which means potential environmental impact is factored into all decisions. UWinnipeg recently became the first university in Canada to place sustainability at the executive table by adding this responsibility to one of its Vice-President positions.

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