Campus Sustainability Office - What we are doing

Land Use

Academic architecture is in fact a kind of crystallized pedagogy.

                 ~ David Orr~

The University’s Land Use Planning Policy addresses land use planning, landscape design and construction, grounds maintenance, cleaning practices, and new building construction projects.  The policy aims to reduce and eventually eliminate negative impacts associated with these practices.

The University’s Physical Plant (responsible for landscaping, grounds maintenance, and cleaning) and the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation (responsible for new building projects) take a leading role in helping the University meet these goals. 

Since 2005, the University:

  • Began using xeriscaping techniques on 100% of the University’s landscaped areas.
  • Established green cleaning practices and products into its cleaning contract.
  • Has required that all new building projects target at minimum LEED Silver with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Monitoring of all LEED buildings is ongoing (McFeetors Hall, Buhler Centre, Richardson College for the Environment, and the childcare facility).