Transcript Requests

Student Records

If you need official transcripts of your academic record in an undergraduate or graduate program at The University of Winnipeg, you may order them from us.  Use the transcript request form and submit it, along with your payment, to Student Central, or mail or fax it to us.  See details below.

(Current students with access to WebAdvisor can print unofficial transcripts for personal use.  Login to WebAdvisor, go to "Academic Profile" and click on "Transcript" to see your grades.  Typically, grades are posted about 3 to 4 weeks after the end of an exam period.)

Transcript Fee:  $12.00 each

Where/how to submit your request and payment for a Transcript:

Pick up:

When they are ready, transcripts may be picked up at Student Central, or we will mail them anywhere you specify, provided that the address is written clearly as to where the transcripts are to be sent.

Transcripts can be ordered on someone else's behalf, but written consent is necessary to pick them up.

Questions?  Please call 204.786.9739 or send an email to

Download the transcript request form.