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Degree/Program Planning Worksheets

These worksheets are to be used as guides.  Please refer to the University of Winnipeg Course Calendar for full program and course descriptions.  In the case of a discrepancy between these worksheets and the University of Winnipeg Course Calendar, the online Course Calendar shall be deemed official.

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NEW!  The following courses in Women's & Gender Studies can be used towards fulfilling the Humanities requirement:  WGS-1232(6), WGS-2001(3), WGS-2251(6), WGS-2256(3), WGS-2260(6), WGS-3005(3), WGS-3040(6).

The Social Science Requirement for the 4-Year BA and BBA may now also be fulfilled by: CRS-3242(3), ENV-2416(3), ENV-3004(3), UIC-3020(3), WGS-1232(6), WGS-2251(6), WGS-2256(3), WGS-2260(6), WGS-2300(3), WGS-2416(3), WGS-3003(3), WGS-3004(3), WGS-3020(3), WGS-3200(6), WGS-3212(6), WGS-3242(3), WGS-3301(3), WGS-3302(3).

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