Political Science

Shannon Sampert

Shannon Sampert and Frances Fox Piven Shannon Sampert (right) with Frances Fox Piven at the Canadian Political Science Association in Edmonton in June 2012.

Canadian Politics

Shannon Sampert is a former journalist interested in the intersections of media, politics and gender. Currently on a research and sabattical leave in Quebec City, Dr. Sampert is excited to be a co-investigator on two SSRCH projects.  One examines the gendered mediation of women leadership candidates in federal campaigns from 1975 until 2010.  The second is a cross-Canada analysis of provincial elections, which involves scholars from around the country.  Her reader Mediating Canadian Politics co-edited with Linda Trimble (University of Alberta) examines the symbiosis between modern politics and media and examines the effects on democracy. She is a regular pundit for both radio and television and is a frustrated and irregular columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press.

Shannon Sampert's research focuses on Canadian politics, media and gender and she is currently involved in two SSHRC-funded projects.  The first is a collaboration with political scientists across Canada examining the mediation of provincial elections.  The second is a longitudinal analysis of the Globe and Mail coverage of leadership contests in which women were candidates.

Dr. Sampert was nominated for the University of Winnipeg's Clifford J. Robson Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2008 and 2006.

Recent publications:

Shannon Sampert.  "Let Me Tell You a Story: English Canadian Newspapers and Sexual Assault Myths." Canadian Journal of Women and the Law. 2010, Vol. 22: 2, 301-328.

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