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Linda DeRiviere

Linda DerivierePublic Policy and Administration

Professor Linda DeRiviere holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Manitoba (2005) and M.A. in Economics (2000). As a graduate student, she was awarded a doctoral fellowship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Her previous work experiences were with the federal government and the non-profit sector.


Courses taught:

Ø Program Evaluation and the Economic Analysis of Public Programs (MPA)

Ø An Indigenous Approach to Program Evaluation: Theory & Practice (MPA, undergraduate)

Ø Equity and Human Resource Issues in the Public Sector (MPA, undergraduate)

Ø Financial Management and Cost Analysis in the Public Sector (MPA)

Ø Environmental Policy (third year, undergraduate)

Ø Modern Approaches and Challenges to Public Sector Governance in Canada (MPA)

Ø Public Policy Issues from a Public Finance and Budgets Perspective (MPA) 

Ø Government and Business Relations in Canada (second year, undergraduate)

Ø Economic Globalization (directed reading course)

Ø Public Finance (MPA, taught at University of Manitoba)

Ø Public Administration (second year, undergraduate) – 2014/15


Selected publications:

2014. Book. DeRiviere, Linda. “The Healing Journey: Intimate Partner Abuse and Its Implications in the Labour Market”. Halifax & Winnipeg: Fernwood Publishing; Co-published by Resolve-Manitoba, pp. 1—199. Awarded 3-year SSHRC funding for this book project.

2013. DeRiviere, Linda; Shelley Stopera; Paul Van Caeseele; and Robert Lotocki. “Comparative Models of Cervical Cancer Screening in Manitoba.” Healthcare Quarterly Volume 16(1), pp. 77—85

 2011 & 2006. DeRiviere, Linda – “A Human Capital Methodology for Estimating the Lifelong Personal Costs of Young Women Leaving the Sex Trade.” Feminist Economics July 2006 Volume 12(3): 367-402, and Reprinted in 2011 in The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series, #248, “Feminist Economics, Volume 2”, Edited by Lourdes, Benería, Ann Mari May and Diana Strassmann. U.S.A: Edward Elgar Publishing Inc.ar Publishing Inc.

 2011. Burnside, Linda; Don Fuchs; Shelagh Marchenski; Andria Mudry; Linda DeRiviere; Marni Brownell; and Matthew Dahl. 2011. “The Impact of FASD: Children with FASD Involved with the Manitoba Child Welfare System”, In Edward P. Riley, Sterling Clarren, Joanne Weinberg, and Egon Jonsson, Editors. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder-Management and Policy Perspectives of FASD. Weinheim, Germany: Wiley-Blackwell VCH Verlag & Company.

 2011. DeRiviere, Linda and Jeff Brojges. “Community transformation from an economic costing perspective: the link between area of residence and places of employment in a disadvantaged community”. CCPA Manitoba.  The project was funded by the Community-University Research Alliances (CURA) program of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council through the Manitoba Research Alliance for Transforming Aboriginal and Inner-City Communities. 

 2011. DeRiviere, Linda. “Human Capital and the Wealth of First Nations in Canada: a Multi-Level Analysis of the Interaction of Material and Social Factors in Community Well-Being” Canadian Journal of Development Studies Volume 31, Issue 1-2: 201-221.

 2008. DeRiviere, Linda. – “Do economists need to rethink their approaches to modeling intimate partner violence?” Journal of Economic Issues September 2008 Volume XL11 (3): 583-606.

 2008. DeRiviere, Linda. – “Lower Monetary Returns for That Many Overtime Hours? Forget it!” Journal of Socio-Economics April 2008 Volume 37(2): 613—626.

2005. DeRiviere, Linda – “An Examination of the Fiscal Impact from Youth Involvement in the Sex Trade: The Case for Evaluating Priorities in Prevention.”  Canadian Public Policy June 2005 Volume 31(2): 181-206.