Services Provided to Faculty

New Faculty Handbook

Faculty ID Card

The Faculty ID Card Serves primarily as a library card. It must also be shown to Security Services when requesting access to the Departmental Office in the absence of the Departmental Assistant. To obtain a Faculty ID Card, ask the Departmental Assistant to request a form from Human Resources for you. Take the signed form to Student Central on the 1st floor of Centennial Hall in order to have your photo taken.

Office Space/Keys/Computer Usage/Mailboxes/Phone/Computer Usage

These are all items that you need to contact your Departmental Assistant.


You will be given a copier (equitrac) account from your Departmental Assistant. This code will allow you to use copiers across the campus and not just the one in your Department Office.

Please note that the UW has a Sustainability Initiative that is a collaborative effort between students, faculty, and staff that aims to make the University of Winnipeg more environmentally and socially responsible in its physical operations, its governance, and its academic life.  Try to keep the copying for your course to a minimum and become familiar with alternative options to copying resources for your class.

Media Services

Media Services provides audio-visual equipment and resources for classroom use and provide support for these resources and classrooms. They also provide the keys for the media cabinets in the classroom. Media Services is located in room 4CM12. If you go to the 5th Floor of Lockhart and go through the big blue double doors, you will see a classroom ahead of you (4CM13). Media Services is to the left of the classroom. You can contact Media Services by email at or by phone at 786-9825 or 786-9827.

If you are unsure how to use the technology found in your classroom, you can book time with Media for them to show you how it all works. You should do this well before the first day of classes.


Long-term parking (September 1 – August 31) is available to University of Winnipeg faculty, staff, and students upon request. To request a space, you must complete and sign a parking application each year. Applications are available from Parking Services (located in Printing Services), Human Resources, and on the parking website. Costs are listed on the parking form.

The parking website is

The website also gives information and a map for casual parking around the university.

Room Bookings

Occasional bookings for classrooms/boardrooms


Evening and Weekend bookings: Donna Marchak, Physical Plant, 786-9839 or by email at

The University of Winnipeg Club

There is no better place to relax on campus than in the Club's comfortable and quiet setting, whether in the Lounge, the Dining Room, or in our "Olde English" pub. And there is no better place to meet faculty and staff members from across campus. You will find the atmosphere welcoming, and see that the fee structure is very modest. Please note as well that only members are informed of our Club-sponsored lectures, musical, theatrical and sports events, and our documentary film series.

For more information on the Club please visit the website at 

Fitness Centre (Duckworth Centre)

Contract and sessional faculty are granted access to athletic facilities for the duration of their contract.

For information on memberships, hours, etc., go to or contact facility staff on the 1st floor of the Duckworth Centre.

Security Services

The mission of The University of Winnipeg Security & Community Ambassador Services is to provide a safe atmosphere and ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the University, while preserving a philosophy of unhindered community access.

The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) operates the SafeWalk program during the Fall and Winter sessions. SafeWalk will provide students, staff, and faculty with an escort to their car or bus stop within a one-block radius of the University.

Security also provides safe escorts to members of the University community at any time, either through the SafeWalk or SafeRide program. The service is intended to get students, faculty, staff and visitors safely to their bus stop, vehicle, or residence.  SafeRide will provide students, staff, and faculty with a safe escort within the patrol area boundaries: William Avenue to the north, Assiniboine Avenue to the south, Sherbrook Street to the west and Main Street to the east.

For more information on Security Services please visit their website. It can be found from the main UWinnipeg page, under Campus Services. Here is the direct link to the website,

Contact Information:
Emergency Number 786.6666

Other Security Enquiries 786.9272