Service and Research (Tenure Track Faculty Only)

New Faculty Handbook

As stated in the Collective Agreement (Article 14.07) “A Faculty Member’s professional obligations and responsibilities to the University shall encompass: teaching; research, scholarly, professional or creative activity; and service to the University.”.

Service as defined by the Collective Agreement - Article 14.07 (3)

“Service to the University is performed by Faculty Members through participation in the decision-making bodies of the University, and through sharing in the necessary administrative work of their Department/Units, the University, or the Association.”

Research Office

The Research Office is located on the mezzanine level of the library (4CM02). Some of the services and resources available to faculty members include:

Contacts in Research Office

Jennifer Cleary – Program Office, Research Development

4CM03A, 786-9137

Heather Mowatt, Program Office, Research Implementation, Ethics and Contracts

4CM03B, 786-9058

Research website:

(Found on the main page under About Uwinnipeg)


Travel & Professional Development Allowance (TPDA)

Faculty, who are members of UWFA, are eligible to make an annual claim of up to $1397 in such expenses related to research and teaching as books, journals, equipment, or travel. See article 29.04 and 29.05 for more information on TPDA. As of April 1, 2012 the TPDA amount will increase to $1447.

TPDA Contact: Barbara Doran or 786-9120.


Activity Reports

As described in 14.16 - 14. 23 of the Collective Agreement each faculty member is required to submit an Activity Report by October 1 of each year. The activity report shall include the activities during the academic year ending August 31 and an indication of goals and expected outcomes for the subsequent evaluation period. New appointees with fewer than six (6) months of service in the academic year need to submit an activity report. You will receive written evaluations from both the Departmental Personnel Committee (DPC) and the Chair. Completed evaluations are forwarded to the Dean/Administrator by November 15.

This report will serve as a valuable record of your work and achievements and will be important to a variety of applications. You should retain copies of these documents.



The submission of an Application for Travel Request, to be approved prior to the travel date by the Chair or Director, the Area Dean, and the VP (Academic), is required for absences from campus. This is true whether or not the travel is funded by the university or relates to university business and whether or not there is an application for financial assistance from the professional development allowance. Applications for Travel forms are available from Departmental Assistants or the Dean's Office.

Teaching Portfolio

It is never too early to be thinking about the career path you wish to set for yourself. A teaching portfolio is a tool you may find useful as you move through grant applications, tenure and promotion applications, and other academic situations.

A teaching portfolio provides evidence of the trajectory of your development as a teacher. In it you can assemble material from past, current and even anticipated future teaching experiences. The key is to start today! Collecting early keeps you thinking about the portfolio and your career track and means that the material will be available when you need it.

Start with a statement of your teaching philosophy. Revise and update periodically. A current CV would be a must. Copies of your activity reports and evaluations and, when available, copies of tenure and/or promotion applications are also important. As evidence of teaching experience, you can include course outlines, lesson plans, such examples of teaching outcomes as both student and peer evaluations, awards, samples of student work, student awards, videos, and thank you letters. Your reflections and thoughts on the teaching role might also be useful.

The important thing is to start now and assemble a dossier that adequately reflects the experience, the values and the goals you bring to this aspect of your role.