Conditions of Employment – Contract Faculty

New Faculty Handbook

The University of Winnipeg Human Resources Department provides a set of Human Resources Services to the University’s Board of Regents, management, and all employees including faculty. Such services are designed to advise management during the decision making process regarding human resources issues, including legislated or legal requirements, and, secondly, to inform employees regarding their benefit entitlements and rights as employees.

The Collective Agreement for Contract Faculty can be found on the Human Resources website (found under Campus Services).

Here is the direct link

A copy of the Letter of Appointment can be viewed here.


Salary is inclusive of a six (6%) percent vacation pay, in accordance with Article 17 of the UWFA CF Collective Agreement. Salary is payable in biweekly installments.


No Member is allowed to teach more than three (3) FCEs (18 credit hours) in any Academic Year except in limited and exceptional circumstances in accordance with the Letter of Understanding in the Collective Agreement. (article 14.03.02)

1st Right of Refusal

Please note that the Agreement provides for Members to earn a right of first refusal in accordance with the provisions of Article 15.02.01 (emphasis added), which states:

For the purposes of this article, a Member earns and/or retains a right of first refusal with regard to a course where, commencing with the Winter Term in January 2010:

(i) the Member teaches that course at least one (1) time in each of three (3) of four (4) successive Academic Years in which the course is offered; and

(ii) the Member’s Activity Reports and evaluation reports pursuant to Article 14 establish to the Chair’s and/or Dean’s satisfaction that the Member has performed his/her duties satisfactorily; and

(iii) the Member has indicated in writing prior to the end of his/her current contract the desire to teach the course again.

The form for the Annual Activity Report is set out in Appendix “A” in the Agreement. The Annual Activity Report must be submitted to your Chair/Coordinator/Director or equivalent by February 1, but may be submitted sooner if you choose (e.g., upon completion of your course).

A Form of Intent to indicate your desire to teach the course again is available on the H.R. website. 

Activity Reports

The Collective Agreement states “By February 1 of each Academic Year, or sooner if the Member so chooses, a Member who intends to seek further appointments shall submit a Contract Faculty Annual Activity Report (CFAAR) to the Department Chair/Coordinator/Director or equivalent. The activity report shall include relevant activities during the preceding twelve months. The member shall provide evidence of satisfactory performance of his/her teaching/professional responsibilities, which shall include the results of Senate approved Course/Instructor evaluations and may include but not necessarily be limited to classroom evaluations and a Teaching Portfolio or Dossier, or other such evidence of satisfactory teaching as determined by the Member, and/or as agreed to between the member and the Chair. Where applicable, the Member may also provide information on his/her research/scholarship and/or service activities.” (Article 14.09)

Activity Reports due February 1, 2012 if you worked January 2011 – December 2011.