Appeals and Academic Misconduct

New Faculty Handbook

Please be aware that the General Calendar has information on Appeals and Misconduct. It is found under the heading Regulations & Policies and you can find information on Challenge for Credit-Assessing Prior Learning, Student Discipline (misconduct), Senate Appeals, Grade Appeals, and University Policies and Codes.

The University of Winnipeg Senate passed a comprehensive Academic Misconduct Policy effective Spring, 2001. You can request a copy of this through your Deanís Office or Department Chair.

General Calendar website link:

(found by clicking on Faculty & Staff, then Course Calendar)

Academic Misconduct

Forms of Academic Misconduct

The following forms of Academic Misconduct are considered representative but not definitive or exhaustive of activities which could be considered to constitute academic misconduct.

Who to contact about Academic Misconduct

Your first contact should be with the Chair of the Departmental Review Committee. You should also read through the section in the General Calendar.

The allegation of academic misconduct reported to the DRC must be in the form of a written report and must, at a minimum, include the following:

The primary activity of the Departmental Review Committee is to consider student grade appeals and student academic misconduct.†The committee also acts to maintain academic standards, reviews final grades, vets course outlines to ensure accordance with University regulations, assists faculty in avoiding potential problems, promotes justice for students and upholds University regulations.


Student Appeals

Students have a right of appeal. All appeals must be in writing. Decisions are made by the appropriate body and are based on the information and supporting documentation provided in writing by the student. All Students wishing to appeal must consult with an Academic Advisor to discuss their situation, for information on appeals procedures and to obtain the appropriate and required appeal form.

Students who miss the withdrawal deadline may be granted a retroactive withdrawal for medical or compassionate reasons following an appeal to the Senate Appeals Committee.

Appeals against Grades on Individual Items of Work

Individual items of work include any single piece of work in a class including the final test or examination.

For individual items of term work graded during classes, students must discuss the matter with the instructor within 7 working days after notification of the grade. If, after discussion with the instructor, the student has reason to believe an injustice has been done, the student may then write an appeal to the Chair of the Departmental Review Committee within 2 working days. For final items of term work graded after the end of classes or for final term tests or examinations, students must have submitted their written appeal to the Chair of the Departmental Review Committee within 6 weeks after the last day of exams for the term in which the course was offered.