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Degree Programs

Human Rights and Global Studies (HRGS)

3 year B.A.

4 year B.A.

HRGS provides you with the opportunity to structure your education around the study of social justice, global citizenship, and human rights. Because 'human rights’ is understood in multiple ways, this major takes an interdisciplinary approach to its core courses and in each of the three streams of elective courses.

The program offers three streams of study: Reading and Writing Human Rights; Society, Culture, and Economy; Institutions, Law, and Politics.

Joint Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies

This is a Masters program offered jointly by the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba.

The Joint M.A. Program in Peace and Conflict Studies (JMP-PACS) encompasses the analysis and resolution of social conflicts; peace research that examines the structural roots of social conflicts, divisions, and social inequalities; and strategies for building community and promoting social justice. The Program is intended to be rigorous as the significance of research and intervention for conflict resolution, peace-building, and creating a culture of human rights demands a high standard of commitment, scholarship, and professionalism.

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