Diversity's Management Team

Food Services

Ben KramerBen Kramer - Executive Chef

Mr. Kramer brings an accomplished restaurant background and a life-time passion for the food industry to Diversity's team. Consistent with Diversity's kitchen philosophy, Ben cooks with as many local, organically grown ingredients as possible. Considered one of the best chefs in Canada, his decisions reflect a firm commitment to eco-friendly practices. Having spent many hours teaching and training others in the food industry, Ben has helped open several restaurants in Western Canada; in 2006 he was instrumental in opening Dandelion Eatery - one of Winnipeg's best new restaurants. He has made contributions to various national and regional books, magazines and publications and has recently placed second in the city in the Iron Chef competition and Western Living Magazine's Fall 2009 edition named him one of the "Top 40 Foodies Under 40".

Executive Chef (Diversity Food Services Inc.)
Ben Kramer
phone: 204.786.9070
office: Riddell Hall

Kirsten Godbout - Manager of Food Operations

Ms. Godbout is responsible for Diversity's overall day-to-day direction and operational management and catering guru. Her abilities to manage a thriving business have been in clear evidence during her work at Bread & Circuses for the last 10 years. Kirsten brings exceptional business acumen along with a passion for whole-some food and leadership in the delivery of excellent customer service. She has developed and implemented training programs that are aimed at enhancing job-related and employability skills.

Manager of Food Operations (Diversity Food Services Inc.)
Kirsten Godbout
phone: 204.789.1450
office: Riddell Hall

Lydia Warkentin - Manager of Campus Living (Food Services)

Ms. Warkentin brings over 14 years of experience in the food industry to the social enterprise venture and was instrumental in the establishment of two successful baking/dining initiatives A recent graduate of the Asper School of Business MBA Program, Lydia's background in training, human resources, as well as staff and project management provides the necessary foundation and leadership for achieving Diversity's vision. Her responsibilities include strategic planning and the continued growth and business development of Diversity Food Services Inc.

Manager of Campus Living (Food Services)
University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation
Lydia Warkentin
phone: 204.982.1709
office: 9th Floor Rice Building