Andrew BurkeAndrew Burke, Associate Professor
Office: 2A30
Phone: 204.789.1475
Areas: Victorian literature and culture; contemporary British literature and culture; critical and cultural theory; film studies

Brandon Christopher, Associate Professor

Office: 2A41
Phone: 204.786.9354
Areas: Early modern literature and culture, early modern drama (esp. Shakespeare), textual history, early theories of information

Paul DepasqualePaul DePasquale, Associate Professor
Office: 2A42
Phone: 204.786.9344
Areas: Aboriginal studies; Aboriginal literature; early modern colonial literature; historical approaches to literature; cultural materialism; cultural studies

Murray EvansMurray Evans, Professor
Office: 2A45
Phone: 204.789.1476
Areas: Medieval literature, manuscript studies, children's literature, Coleridge, sublime theory

Photo Naomi HamerNaomi Hamer, Assistant Professor

Office: 3C24B
Phone: 204.258.2926
Areas: Children's and adolescent literature; picture books, film and the visual cultures of young people; New Literacies and trans-media storytelling; cultural theory and audience studies.

Catherine HunterCatherine Hunter, Professor
Office: 2A44
Phone: 204.786.9283
Areas: Creative Writing; contemporary Canadian poetry and fiction.

Zbigniew IzydorczykZbigniew Izydorczyk, Professor
Office: 2A36
Phone: 204.786.9197
Areas: Medieval religious literature (OE, ME, Latin, Polish); New Testament apocrypha; manuscript studies (writing technologies, textual practices); textual criticism; translation theory and practice (medieval and modern).

Karen MalcolmKaren Malcolm, Associate Professor
Office: 2A50
Phone: 204.786.9912
Areas: Linguistics (communication linguistics and phasal analysis), language and culture, stylistics.

Peter MelvillePeter Melville, Associate Professor
Office: 2A32
Phone: 204.786.9261
Areas: Romanticism, critical theory.

Heather MilneHeather Milne, Assistant Professor
Office: 2A27
Phone: 204.789.1488
Areas: Queer literature and culture, feminist theory, women and literature, Canadian literature, poetics.

Photo not availableKathryn Ready, Assistant Professor
Office: 2A39
Phone: 204.786.9321
Areas: British eighteenth-century and Romantic literature.

Mavis ReimerMavis Reimer, Professor
Office: 3C24A
Phone: 204.786.9185
Areas: Theories of children's literature and culture, Canadian children's literature, Victorian culture.

Candida RifkindCandida Rifkind, Associate Professor
Office: 2A38
Phone: 204.786.9198
Areas: Canadian literature; modernism; reading publics; graphic novels.

Heather SnellHeather Snell, Assistant Professor
Office: 2A43
Phone: 204.786.9954
Areas: Postcolonial, cultural, and globalization studies.

Margaret SweatmanMargaret Sweatman, Assistant Professor
Office: 2A35
Phone: 204.786.9332
Areas: Creative writing; Canadian literature; the short story; the novel; poetry.

Catherine TosenbergerCatherine Tosenberger, Assistant Professor
Office: 3C25B
Phone: 204.789.1472
Areas: Children's and adolescent literature and culture, folklore, fandom studies, new media

Alden TurnerAlden Turner, Department Chair
Office: 2A40
Phone: 204.786.9294
Areas: Literature and film; screenwriting; early North American literatures and cultures.

Kathleen VenemaKathleen Venema, Associate Professor
Office: 2A34
Phone: 204.786.9333
Areas: Canadian literature and culture, especially early Canadian literature and culture; historiographical Canadian texts; life writing; literatures of peace and war.

Jenny WillsJenny Wills, Assistant Professor
Office: 2A33
Phone: 204.789.1474
Areas: American literature and culture; race and ethnicity; transnational and diasporic studies; the politics of identity; genre fiction.

Doris WolfDoris Wolf, Assistant Professor
Office: 3C25A
Phone: 204.789.1473
Areas: Canadian literature; German-Canadian literature; Aboriginal children's literature; feminist and cultural materialisms; sociology of culture; literary history.