Jaime Cidro


Jaime Cidro

Dr. Cidro works mainly in the area of social determinants of health in Indigenous communities. Her work extends to both northern communities as well as urban communities. She is the recent recipient of a CIHR Operating Grant which is exploring the feasibility of repatriating birthing in a northern remote First Nations community. In addition she is doing work in Winnipeg on access to cultural food, Indigenous food sovereignty and food security. She is the Associate Director of the Prairie Research Centre of the Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network, a SSHRC funded project. Her teaching includes applied anthropology, ethnographic field methods, and medical anthropology. She also teaches in the Master's of Development Practice Indigenous Focus program at the University of Winnipeg.

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Recent Publications:

Cidro, J., Zahakyo, L., Lawrence, H., Folster, S., McGregor, M. McKay, K. (2015). Breast Feeding Practices as Cultural Interventions for Early Childhood Caries in Cree Communities. Biomed Central Oral Health, 15(49).

 Cidro, J., Matiasek, M., Craig, T., Dhillon, M. Zahayko, L. (2014). Exploring the Purchasing Experience of Cross-Cultural Consumers in Northern Remote, Rural Communities: Thompson, Manitoba. Journal of Community and Rural Development, 9(4).

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 Cidro, J. (2012). “Indigenous Methodologies: Nanabush Storytelling as Data Analysis and Knowledge Transmission” in Canadian Journal of Native Studies (2012 fall issues, Volume 32-2).

 Cidro, J. (2014). “Stuck at the Border of the Reserve: First Nations Identity” in Aboriginal History: A Reader, Second Edition. Eds Kirstin Burnett and Geoff Read. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Jaime Cidro, PhD
NEAHR New Investigator in Aboriginal Health
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Winnipeg
(204) 789-1417