Urban and Inner City Studies

Courses Available - Winter 2017

UIC 3110 (3) Thursday 9:30-12:15
527 Selkirk Avenue

Urban Research Methods is a course that engages students in a discussion of alternative paradigms and the role of research in shaping public understanding of social justice issues and policy. Students design individual research projects and examine case studies and methodologies that highlight indigenous, poverty-focused, feminist and anti-racist perspectives. This course and offers students a thorough analysis of qualitative, naturalistic and participatory research methods.

UIC 1002 (3) Tuesday 5:30-8:15

The inner-city, a post-war phenomenon unique to North America, is of interest to urban studies because it focuses our attention on the margins and on issues of social justice. This course is offered on an occasional basis to respond to specific requests from the inner-city community, and/or to take advantage of opportunities to examine trends or concerns that arise in the inner city. The topic covered may vary from year to year. Students should consult the Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies about the topic in any given year. If the topic is different from one they have previously taken, they are permitted to enroll in the course and receive credit.

UIC-1001-003 (3) Tuesday 10:00-12:45
527 Selkirk Avenue

The course provides an overview of the dynamics that drive a city's growth and produce change over time. It considers the social impact of urban change, with particular emphasis on urban poverty and the inner city. A feature of the course is its location on Selkirk Avenue in Winnipeg's North End, which creates a whole new dimension to the learning experience and to an understanding of urban realities.

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