Urban and Inner City Studies

Courses Available - Spring 2017

UIC-3100-001 (3) Tuesday 1:00PM-4:45PM
527 Selkirk Avenue

CONFRONTING RACISM is designed to help students understand what racism is, how it’s expressed in Winnipeg's Inner City and what contributes to its existence. At the same time, the course will provide practical tools for confronting racism; awareness and skill building around dealing with internalized racism; and how to be an ally to those experiencing the brunt of oppression created by racism.

UIC-1002-001 (3) Wednesday 9:30AM-1:15PM
527 Selkirk Avenue

This course will provide students with an overview of Métis culture, history, and governance as well as explore current issues faced by the Métis. Topics covered will include major court cases and challenges faced both federally and provincially, such as land claims, jurisdiction and funding inequalities. Students will leave with a better understanding of the Métis Nation with a focus on the Manitoba Métis community.

UIC-2020-001 (3) Friday 9:30AM-1:15PM
527 Selkirk Avenue

This course examines the Indigenous colonial experience, particularly in Western Canada, and the impact colonization has had and continues to have on the relationship between Indigenous peoples and Canadian governments. This course emphasizes the contemporary effects of colonization, particularly as regards identity issues and how they play out in the urban and inner-city environment, and also processes and strategies for decolonization. Cross-listed: POL-2020(3) and IS-2020(3). Note: This course fulfils the Indigenous Course Requirement.

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