Courses Available - Spring 2017

GDP-7791-758 (3) Monday / Wednesday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday 5:30PM-8:30PM

This course is offered to senior undergraduate and Master’s students. The pre-requisite for undergraduate students is GEOG 1102(3) or GEOG 1103(3) or permission of the instructor. The pre-requisite for graduate students is admission to the MDP or permission of the instructor.

Over the last forty years, there has been significant global effort to transition to sustainable development. One area surrounds the provision of “clean” renewable energy. In fact, the United Nations continues to recognize the importance of affordable, clean energy in its Sustainable Development Goals. 

Despite remarkable technological achievements in the field, issues persist. This course focuses on the implementation of sustainable energy in northern climates, with emphasis on two Arctic nations: Norway and Canada. First, we consider conventional and alternative energy options and examine the costs and benefits of different types of energy uses. Special consideration is given to renewable energy, environmental impacts, and social equity and economic implications. Next, we consider different approaches to energy provision in the North, with a focusing on Norway and Canada. We frame our discussion of energy policies against the themes of sustainable development, energy justice, human rights, Indigenous worldviews and approaches to development, and community resilience. New alternative energy initiatives carried out in collaboration with Indigenous peoples will be discussed, where appropriate.

Course Codes:

GEOG 3511 Topical Regions

GDP 7791 Sustainable Energy for Northern Development (Special Topics In Indigenous Development)

Course Scheduling:

The course is scheduled in the studio Monday, May 1 to Friday, May 12; from 5:30-8:30 pm (Monday to Friday).  Students can either come to class during this time, OR be off- campus downloading the lectures as per the usual studio course.

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