Conflict Resolution Studies

Courses Available - Spring 2017

CRS-2271-001 (3) Monday / Wednesday 1:00-4:00pm

The dynamics of group conflict include both interpersonal interactions and collective processes. In this course students develop analytical tools and practical facilitation skills to deal with group conflict in a variety of settings: study groups, sports teams, work teams, and social change efforts. Students learn hands-on approaches for assessing complex social processes and the diverse factors in group conflict including concepts of group formation, collective decision-making, and effective facilitation. Students also study leadership and issues of power and diversity affecting groups. The teaching/learning format for this course includes lectures, small and large group work, as well as written reflections and skill development exercises.

Prerequisites: CRS-1200(6)

CRS-2251-758 (3) Wednesday 6:00-10:00pm

This course is designed to help students understand how conflict develops and manifests itself within familial relationships. Students study the nature of the family through the lens of a systemic perspective by examining family structure, communication patterns, and gender issues in relation to the family life cycle. Students learn to differentiate between destructive and constructive conflict processes in the family. They then progress to an understanding of how to transform antagonistic conflict into problem solving.

Prerequisites: CRS-1200(6)

CRS-2241-001 (3) Monday / Wednesday 1:00-4:00pm

In this course students explore the relationship between culture and conflict from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students examine their own cultural perspectives and worldviews as well as cultural differences in response to conflict. The course examines the origins and nature of conflict between and among cultures, with special reference to the relationships between cultural values and conflict resolution processes. Special attention is given to popular culture, religion, cultural models of conflict resolution, rituals of reconciliation, and inter-ethnic conflict in the modern world.

Prerequisites: CRS-1200(6)

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