Student Responsibilities

Accessibility Services & the Accessibility Resource Centre

Every University of Winnipeg student with a disability who seeks academic accommodation due to his or her disability has a responsibility to:

  • Provide current and appropriate documentation to the Accessibility Coordinator (AS)

  • Follow The University of Winnipeg's exam policies and expectations regarding academic conduct, including theTest/Exam Booking Procedure for Accessibility Services. It is the responsibility of the student to know and understand these regulations.
  • Bring any requests for academic accommodations or for changes in the accommodation needs to the attention of the Accessibility Coordinator of Accessibility Services (AS) at 204.786.9771 or through email at as early as possible.
  • New students are encouraged to self-identify when they apply for admission.
  • New and returning students requesting academic accommodations are required to contact a AS professional within the first two weeks of lectures/labs of each term.

  • Students who become disabled, either permanently or temporarily, and students with disabilities whose health status changes significantly during their time at the University, should contact Accessibility Services as soon as possible.
  • Within the first two weeks of lectures/labs of each term, all students should discuss their situations with each faculty member from whom they are seeking academic accommodations.
  • Requests for test/exam accommodations should be received by the Exam Coordinator for AS by the advertised deadlines (listed annually on the Contract of Services for the current academic year).

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